One of the proposed "deck covers" for the so-called Urban Zone of the Trinity Parkway

The Trinity River Committee's Got a Lot on Its Plate This Morning

So, yet again, the renaming of Industrial Boulevard becomes the Hot Topic at City Hall today, as the Trinity River Corridor Project Committee early this morning wrestles with the prospect of its becoming César Chávez Boulevard courtesy the 10,710 folks who voted in favor of the moniker. And, yet again, the renaming of Industrial overshadows two more considerably interesting items to be discussed during this morning's meeting of the city council committee, among them further discussion of the Mixmaster Riverfront, which would more or less extend downtown to the Trinity River as a mixed-use development "pedestrian-oriented environment with an urban streetscape" that could extend as high as 35 stories in some places.

Also on the agenda: an extensive discussion of the Trinity Parkway Design Guidelines. I ain't no Jim Schutze, but seems to me this 40-page document provides some of the most detailed renderings of the Trinity toll road to date -- down to the suggestion that "80 windmills can power more than half the roadway lights." (Unicorns and pixies will generate the current for the other half.) And since I am no Jim Schutze, I'll offer no opinion on the subject, except that I voted in favor of calling the Trinity Parkway "Tom Leppert Way." --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.