The Ugly Truth about the Beautiful Room

I hope you read my column last week about the Beautiful Room, Dallas' pseudo-elite social club for pretty people who like to pay to hang out with other pretty people who want to pay to hang out with them. The hate mail has been surprisingly light (where are you guys--maybe listening to KTCK-AM, or The Ticket, at 5:50 this evening while I talk about the Beautiful Room?), and today comes a message from a little, formerly Beautiful Room-associated bird who whispered in my ear: "Check out Craigslist.org.....you'll find postings about the 'group' as well...under 'rants and raves'...Dallas." Well, I did--just plug in "beautiful" to the wond'rous Craigslist search engine. Seems the Beautiful People are really getting around town.

User "Georgina" asks in a post that may or may not reveal the true identity of TBR founders: "Does anyone have any information about "The Beautiful Room" in Dallas?" And some guy from Rowlett offers tips for handling the Beautiful People. Another asks if the guy they saw at TBR.com was from 21 Jump Street. And one (probably) Beautiful Person valiantly defends the flock, asserting that naysayers are "Always talking so much shit out your ass about things that you have NO idea about!!" Like, ah, being beautiful? --Andrea Grimes

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