The Waaaaayaaaaaiting is the Hardest Part

Okay, so I did a little experiment. I was waiting for my computer to start up yesterday morning and I thought "Damn, I hate waiting."

You're familiar with that feeling I assume.

I'm not necessarily an impatient person. Traffic doesn't ruin my day. I'll let folks with just a few items cut in front of me at the grocery store. But with two full-time jobs these days time has become a more precious commodity and I realized my patience - like my hair -  is thinning.

I put a stopwatch (thanks iPhone!) to the madness on Monday. Every time I waited - for an Internet site to load, stopped in traffic, on hold on the phone, whatever - I started the clock.

I was amazed at how much time I spent doing absolutely nothing. Any guesses?

Try 39 minutes and 42 seconds.

I thought that was high - it does, after all, add up to almost 10 full days over a year - but I'm guessing there are those of you that sit more doing less?

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