The White Rock Boat House Was Approved Over Neighbors' Objections Today

The White Rock Boat House Was Approved Over Neighbors' Objections Today

If you want a summary of neighbors' reasons for not allowing Dallas United Crew you can visit visit this website, which is advertised on a fair number of yard signs surrounding White Rock Lake. The boat house will destroy a beautiful, relatively pristine view of the lake, critics say. The team in question was, until recently, called Highland Park Crew. And, as the URL implies, they fear it will destroy home values.

Today, the City Council bought none of that. The DUC's plan to build the 9,000 square foot boat house easily won approval.

"It'll be an asset to our lake," said Councilman Sheffie Kadane, whose district includes the future sight of the boat house. "It'll be an asset to our city." That's not just because it will give rowers easy access to the water. It's also because of what DUC does for the community, through it's programs for underprivileged children, veterans, and "our crippled children."

Dwain Caraway explained it like this: White Rock Lake belongs to the community. Why, he remembers picnicking there with his father 50 years ago, buying worms on Garland Road to go fishing, feeding the ducks. It's sort of a shame that people don't picnic there so much anymore, Caraway continued, but times change and the city needs to recognize that and allow projects that best serve the community. Matter of fact, Caraway suggested, maybe there should be a skateboarding park.

Eventually, Caraway got back on topic. Neighbors are just going to have to suck it up and cope with a boat house obstructing their view, just like the people who live around Fair Park have to cope with the state fair and Cotton Bowl.

The vote was unanimous, with several council members taking pains to thank opponents for their engagement. That wasn't enough to pacify one woman, who began shouting in displeasure. Mayor Mike Rawlings promptly kicked her out before promising to hit the water with DUC at an unspecified date.

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