The Why Guy, As In: Why Didn't Guy Brignon Show to the DHA Board Meeting Last Night?

Larry James today writes that DHA's president and CEO Ann Lott "has been doing her part without fanfare" and now finds herself in a "battle" because of it.

Central Dallas Ministries' president and CEO Larry James posted to his blog today a lengthy essay on Dallas Housing Authority president and CEO Ann Lott, who, as readers of Unfair Park know, has been fired, rehired and possibly refired by the DHA board in the span of the last few weeks. It's so bad over at the DHA that Guy Brignon, the chairman of the Dallas Housing Authority, didn't show up to a posted meeting of the DHA board. It was a meeting he called. But, no, he didn't show. Said through a spokesman that he had "family commitments," reports Kim Horner in The Dallas Morning News today.

So, instead, former city council member Al Lipscomb (oy vey) showed up to tell DHA president and chief executive officer Ann Lott that she's "being treated like a field hand." Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price showed up to scold the board: "We have not seen good faith." And State Senator Royce West showed up to call Brignon a liar over revelations -- first mentioned here and here -- that the board's decision to oust Lott in October did indeed have something to do with DHA's proposed sale of Little Mexico, despite Brignon's assertions otherwise.

Hell of a mess they got over there. And it's not going away any time soon.

We'll have more about the DHA this afternoon. It seems the turmoil at the DHA has gotten the attention of folks in Washington, D.C. They're not pleased. Neither is Larry James, who writes today that "Ann Lott has been doing her part without fanfare and, it seems now, without the kind of board support and leadership she deserves. She has been very clear about her mission. As a result, she now finds herself caught up in a battle." Which may yet turn into a full-scale war. --Robert Wilonsky

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