The World Accordion to Brave Combo: Sneak Peek Bart Weiss's Doc-in-Progress

Just found this on YouTube: five minutes of footage from Dallas Video Festival founder Bart Weiss's work-in-progress about Brave Combo, who've been making music for squares since '79 and whose Musical Varieties I was listening to only last weekend. ("Skokiaan"!) I'd heard such a polkathesis was in the works, but this our first look, so I called Weiss to get some more details about the footage, which he just posted. I reached him at a film-teacher conference in Burlington, Vermont.

"It's in the very early stages," he says of the movie he's co-directing with Mark Birnbaum. "I'm at this conference, and I'd intended for them to give me feedback, and they were all so buzzed about it. I wasn't planning on posting it, but the response was so good, I thought, 'Why not?'"

Still, Weiss reminds, the band -- chiefly, band founder Carl Finch -- hasn't yet seen the clip, which features the great Joe Nick Patoski and, yes, the band's Simpsons appearance. And if he asks the filmmaker and prof to remove, well, you'll have missed your chance -- so catch it now or run the risk of missing out. Still, it's hard to fathom Finch won't like it -- Weiss is both fantastic filmmaker and enormous fan, and, he says, the clip "captures the essense of who they are and the issues we're pursuing in there."

He also asks: "If anyone has footage of them playing their wedding or anything else of the band, have them e-mail me. We are collecting and archiving everything."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.