The "Yo Mama" Stylings of Leo Chaney

If we were Leo Chaney, we would so not make this our Christmas card.

First, a disclaimer: We are in no way saying the video after the jump contains District 7 city council member Leo V. Chaney Jr. giving a desperate constituent the "yo mama" brush-off Saturday at the Dallas Central Church of the Nazarene on R.L. Thornton. For all we know, someone went in there and dubbed in Leo Chaney's voice. For all we know, that's not even Leo Chaney. It's possible he didn't even show Saturday. Said he was, to "help Ash Creek [Mobile Home Park] residents find new housing options." But, like, that might be some computer-generated Leo Chaney; a Leo Chaney puppet, even. Dunno. Hard to say. Wasn't there.

All I know is what I've been told this is: "City council member Leo Chaney walks off from a television interview -- then you won't believe what he said, on the way out of the door." So, look, maybe I don't believe it. Maybe you won't. Maybe it never happened. Maybe it was all a dream.

I don't know what Leo Chaney said. If that was Leo Chaney. And if he said anything. Haven't heard from him. Never returned last week's calls to talk about Ash Creek, the residents of which allege he's been working to move them off the land where the park's sat since the 1940s. This video you're about to see is as good as it gets. If this is even Leo Chaney. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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