The "Z" Stands For "Zee Almighty"

OK, so Dallas may not shoot in Dallas, but we are getting those two sure-to-be-fab Walking Tall sequels with Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo. And now comes word that the great Antonio Z. Barajas will shoot his long-awaited The Duel here beginning this very month. No, I've never heard of Antonio Z. Barajas, either, and I am sure he's the only one who's been long awaiting The Duel, a "supernatural thriller" he wrote and directed. But it's something. Maybe. Hunh. Says here that Barajas is founder and CEO of Starvoyager Entertainment, which is based in Plano, and that he's "the author and creative force behind all of SVE's proposed productions." The company's site also claims that "during the past 15 years, Mr. Barajas has meticulously developed many projects," none of which I've been able to find; the man ain't on the Internet Movie Database, and, trust me, anybody can get their name on that thing. But have faith in Barajas; after all, Starvoyager claims it's making "indie productions to entertain, empower and uplift," and it does have a...uh...lead actor for The Duel. They're looking for investors, so feel free to pass the plate. --Robert Wilonsky

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