Them Balls Gots Plenty o' Juice

The Huffington Post's Melinda Henneberger accompanied her old pal, The Mayor, to Austin yesterday for the TXU coal-plant permit hearings that weren't, and she filed this report for the Web site. Henneberger, a former Dallas Morning News'er, also brings something new to the table, a quote not found in Dallas' Only Daily's coverage of the aborted hearings:

A lawyer for TXU Corp has told the judges who will rule on whether it can build a slew of new coal-burning power plants here that global warming is not on the docket, and none of their concern.

"It's for kings and presidents and world leaders to decide how to address global warming," argued TXU attorney John Riley. "It's not for air permit hearings."

"For kings and presidents..."? You could probably power half of Waco if you wired up two electrodes to Riley's testicles. --Robert Wilonsky

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