There Is No Renewal!

On Friday, a Friend of Unfair Park suggested we link to this piece from Ain't It Cool News, which went up at the end of the week: an obituary of a set from 1976's Logan's Run, most of which, as you likely know, was filmed in Dallas and Fort Worth. For a complete list of where every scene was shot, check out this site. Come to think of it, why some enterprising young dork isn't running a Logan's Run tour is beyond me. I smell a second career, myself.

Anyway, this particular piece deals with The Great Hall (all together now: "Carousel, Carousel, Carousel..."), which used to be part of the Dallas Apparel Mart. The mart has been demolished "piece by piece, level by level" over the last few months, Pat Zajac, a spokesperson for the Dallas Market Center, tells Unfair Park this morning. She doesn't know what it will be replaced with at this moment: "The Crow family hasn't announced what it will be yet," Zajac says. She also doesn't know precisely when The Great Hall bit the dust, only that, yeah, it's gone. The Dallas App...Say, what's this blinking red dot doing on my palm? Wuh-oh. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: Preview footage from Logan's Run

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