There Was a Massive Gas Explosion on Main Street in Lewisville

Update at 2:12 p.m.: The owner of the leveled house, Christian Community Actions, told NBC 5 that at least one man is in the hospital with injuries Fire and police officials have not confirmed the number of injuries.

Original post: Police are so far releasing few details, but there was a massive explosion on Main Street in Lewisville about 30 minutes ago. That's according both DFW Scanner --

-- and Gavin Cleaver, who you know better as that barbecue-loving Englishman. He was in his office, about a mile and a half down Main Street, when the explosion occurred.

"It was seriously huge," he said. "It felt like an earthquake." The shock was strong enough to crack one of the windows.

This being Texas, his boss piled everyone in the car for a quick field trip to the scene of the explosion. They didn't get very close, but near enough to see the 20-foot wall of flame and stretchers being carried in. Onlookers were evacuated shortly after, and Cleaver returned to the office to find that power to the area had been shut off.

Update at 1:26 p.m.

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