Mark it down: You have not heard the last of Natasha Galkina's broken English.

There's No Postage Due on Top Model Runner-up

We'll admit it: We did a piss-poor job of keeping tabs on Natasha Galkina, the local gal -- via Russia, in case you forgot -- vying to become America's Next Top Model. Well, she didn't win the pretty prize, but she was the runner-up -- not bad for a woman everyone thought was a mail-order bride. (America -- what a country!) Turns out, Galinka, who made her debut on Tyrant Banks' show by introducing herself as being from "Dallasrichardson," wasn't really a mail-order bride; she tells Radar Online today that the misunderstanding was due to her being nervous during initial howdee-do's:

"I didn't even know what that was! I had to have someone tell me. And that's not what I am. We met in Moscow on a business trip, you know how these men do intercontinental stuff? We dated before I came over to America."

Well, I am off to do intercontinental stuff. By which I mean eat ramen noodles and grab a smoke. --Robert Wilonsky


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