Hal Samples

There's Nothing Whispering About These Slider Pines

I don't know much about Slider Pines -- yet -- except that, oh, frontman Joey Shanks wrote the band's new album, Road, Avenue, Railroad while moving back and forth between Dallas and Memphis, where he grew up. (Got that from the bio -- and, like, straight from the bio.) And I did know that Paul Williams produced the disc; but I saw that on Paul's Web site. And I did know that the great Hal Samples had done the band's publicity photo.

Other than that, nada -- at least, not till the band's publicist rang with the news that Road, Avenue, Railroad was being released today on Wire to Ear Records and would I like a copy and did I need to know more and could I use an MP3 and here's the link to a photo. And after spending a little time with the record, the entirety of which you can hear here, well, I'd like to know more about Slider Pines and maybe buy 'em a beer. Here's a taste. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Slider Pines,

"The Missing Street Sign"

(from the album Road, Avenue, Railroad)

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