This Doesn't Raise Any Questions At All

Well, Jesus, this sure sounds a little, ah, sketchy. (Cheap too -- what is that, a .02 percent tip?) Here's the lead item from a New York Times round-up this morning of items "Lost and Found in New York Taxicabs":

MIDTOWN, FEBRUARY 2007 A woman from Dallas left a suitcase in Osman Chowdhury’s taxi, which she took from the Hilton Hotel to East 35th Street between Second and Third Avenues. She gave Mr. Chowdhury a 30-cent tip on a $10.70 fare -- and a $100 reward when he returned the suitcase, which had been left in the trunk and which held, in addition to clothing, 31 diamond rings and a laptop computer.
At last, I have an opening for my screenplay. Saffron Burrows to star. --Robert Wilonsky
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Robert Wilonsky
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