This Isn't Very Light Christian Rock of You, Mayor Tom

Either Angela Hunt is a "monkey wrench" or Mayor Tom Leppert would like to hit her over the head with said implement. Not sure which after reading this missive from the mayor, in which he demands Dallas business and civic leaders -- and their "business colleagues, vendors, suppliers, and professional associates" -- drown Proposition 1 on November 6, lest Dallas become "seriously gridlocked for decades." Writes the mayor of his city council colleague: "One person shows up, late in the game, doesn't like what everyone else has worked hard to develop, and launches a campaign to undermine all the good work, expertise, and promises."

And speaking of "Monkey Wrench," we would recommend Leppert take a listen to this killer live version of the Foo Fighters song of the same name. Then we remembered: Mayor Tom prefers only "light Christian rock." Wow, should be one hell of a jam Friday at the Fairmont. --Robert Wilonsky

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