This Just In: People That Aren't Us Hate Jerry Jones

Is it because he's so powerful? So rich? So over-the-top passionate?

Or is it because he's won three Super Bowls? Built an unprecedented stadium that is gobbling up sports? Or kept his team popular, relevant and "successful" despite only one playoff win in 13 years?

Whatever the reason, while Dallas loves Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the rest of the world apparently hates him.

So says Forbes magazine in its latest poll of the most disliked people in sports. Jones is disliked - I prefer hated - by 53 percent of America, on par with Tiger Woods and somehow behind Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.

Not surpisingly, Michael Vick is public enemy Numero Uno.

Let's hop for the full list.

10. Gilbert Arenas, 44%

9. Allen Iverson, 45%

8. Alex Rodriguez, 45%

7. Terrell Owens, 47%

6. Mark McGwire, 48%

5. Jerry Jones, 53%

4. Tiger Woods, 53%

3. Ben Roethlisberger, 57%

2. Al Davis, 66%

1. Michael Vick, 69%

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