This Looks Like a Job For Bible Girl!

Cathedral of Hope got the mainstream United Church of Christ's seal of approval on Saturday. Can I get an "amen"?

Maybe I missed it, but I can find no mention in Dallas' Only Daily of the fact that over the weekend, the theologically liberal United Church of Christ voted--with an "overwhelming majority," it says here--to accept the Cathedral of Hope into its ranks. The local church, which the paper version of Unfair Park called "the world's largest gay and lesbian church" just before one of its employees unsuccessfully sued us--was voted in Saturday. calls the thumbs-up "a historic milestone for gay and lesbian people of faith."

Reports the UCC News:

"This is an historic day in the life of the Cathedral of Hope," said the Rev. Jo Hudson, senior pastor and rector. "We are blessed to be a full partner in ministry with the North Texas Association and the United Church of Christ. We celebrate that our values of compassion, inclusion, tolerance and hope in service to the world by following Jesus are consistent with those of the United Church of Christ. We are proud to be a part of such a diverse body of churches and people."

Apparently, the Cathedral of Hope has been considering affiliating itself with a mainstream denomination for some time--since 1997, at the very least. But things heated up in 2003 and again in 2005, when the church turned in something resembling a formal application.


Joining the UCC affords the Dallas church greater resources in ministry and training, potential health and pension benefits and the "great affirmation" of being welcomed into a mainstream denomination "that has long been on the cutting edge of human rights," the Rev. Jo Malone, Cathedral of Hope's senior pastor, told

Oh, Bible Girl? --Robert Wilonsky

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