This Morning, Lone Star to Demand City Return its License to Tow

The things you learn by peeking at the Permit and License Appeal Board meeting agenda set for this morning's hoedown. For instance, Jose Rodriguez will be down at City Hall this morning appealing the city's decision to deny him a late-hours dance-hall permit for the San Luis Night Club, which he wanted to open at 1418 N. Industrial Boulevard -- previously the site of Los Tiburones and Tejano Joe's. City says it's too close to Trinity Loft on Slocum Street.

But, see, that's just burying the lead: The second item on the agenda is one to keep an eye on, as the appeals board takes up the case of poor ol' Lone Star Auto Services, which, one month ago today, had its license to tow revoked by the Transportation Regulation Division of the Public Works and Transportation Department. That happened a couple of weeks after Lone Star illegally towed the vehicles of some poor State Fair of Texas patrons, provoking the wrath of Mayor Tom Leppert, who vowed to rid the city of "renegade towing companies." Guess we'll see how that worked out in, oh, 'bout an hour, as James C. Mosser goes down to City Hall to make the company's case. --Robert Wilonsky

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