This Week, We Found Out Fate of Big D

CBS won't officially announce its fall lineup till Wednesday, but today word came down that it's given the green light to at least one new comedy: Accidentally on Purpose, starring Jenna Elfman as ... lesse here .. a "a San Francisco movie critic who finds herself accidentally pregnant after a fling with a much younger man," wacky. Which matters to you why? Well, as you no doubt recall, CBS counts among its eight would-be fall or midseason series that little sumpin-sumpin called Big D, the Dallas-set series for which the pilot shot in Burbank last month with Seinfeld vet Andy Ackerman directing.

Possible sign it didn't make the cut: Andrea Anders, who was in the pilot's cast, will stick with her day job, as ABC today announced it will renew Better Off Ted. Then again, last month there was the note that she was being "labeled as a guest star" on Big D, and pilots are often recast on their way to series. But, seriously, the show might have stood a better chance of making the schedule if the network had agreed to pay Candace Bergen to play the Dallas matriarch. She was the show's creators' original casting choice -- one CBS decided it couldn't afford.

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