Thursday-Morning News Grab Bag

Dallas Area Rapid Transit said yesterday that "for the third consecutive year more than nine out of ten Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) customers report overall satisfaction with the agency." Most riders surveyed believe the trains and buses run on time and as scheduled, are plenty safe and better than what was up and running this time last year; they also would recommend DART to their friends. One note: The survey was conducted in August. Which means, before Texas-OU...

Editor & Publisher has News managing editor George Rodrigue's memo to the paper's staff announcing the adios of Anthony Moor, deputy managing editor for interactive news. He's going to Yahoo's local news operation, which I'd never seen till just now. How aggregaty! ...

And Advertising Age has a lengthy video profile of Lincoln Stephens, who quit his ad-agency gig in Chicago to return to his hometown of Dallas to begin The Marcus Graham Project. The project, the intention of which is to diversify ad agencies, is so named for Eddie Murphy's character in Boomerang, which serves as an inspiration, as evidenced by the video after the jump. (Good Lord, I forgot Chris Rock was in that.) I've always been more of a Bowfinger man myself.

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