Tiger Army: Dallas "Has No [Effing] Place to Play," Nothing Personal

Lest you think grieving over the deaths of the Gypsy Tea Room and Trees and other Deep Ellum venues is mere hipster posing, let us offer you the following video. It arrives courtesy our new art director, Alex Flores (aka "Warhol Reject"), who captured Tiger Army’s Nick 13 last weekend during the Dallas stop of the Warped Tour. Here, Nick gripes that, dude, even Warped Tour side acts from El Lay can’t find a place to play in this town. (And if you're in the office, a word of warning: Turn it down. Way down.)

And, for the record, Mr. Flores notes that "the only reason why I was there to witness this was because I managed to score free tix, and my friends and I just wanted to see Tiger Army, Bad Religion, and Pennywise -- probably the only three true bands on the lineup worth their salt. Otherwise, this year's Warped Tour was just as I expected: shallow and underage. Last time I went to a Warped Tour was back in 2001, when the punk rock milk just started to turn." --Jonanna Widner

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