Tinsel Author Hank Stuever Pays One Last Visit to Frisco and Does Not Sit On Santa's Lap

I sent Hank Stuever, author of Tinsel, an e-mail this morning to see how his trip back to Frisco had gone this week (he wraps up a three-day stay with a signing in Fort Worth tonight before he heads down to Austin). He responded thusly: "It was great -- no effigy-burning or anything. People came very curious, ready with questions, and bought books. Sort of anti-climatic in a way, but also nicely crowded, esp Legacy Books." He said he'd try to put something longer on his blog today. He then sent word just a little while ago: Bingo.

The item's a long'un. So, an excerpt to go along with this photo Stuever took during his three years, on and off, living in Frisco in search of the American Dream ... or, at least, the Perfect Christmas:

I went to Stonebriar Centre (one last time?) Wednesday afternoon to catch up on some work and answer all sorts of e-mails. (Being on tour is mostly about answering e-mails and voice mails.) I ate at the California Pizza Kitchen and got a Chinese chair massage (my last?). In the food court, while I bought my Route 44 diet cherry limeade at the Sonic, I saw Santa Claus sitting there by himself, eating a Charlie's sub. This is the "new" Santa, who replaced the Santa everyone loved. There are a lot of reasons not to like this new Santa (customers say he's grumpy, has a weird hairdo, etc.) but I think his biggest mistake is sitting in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING FOOD COURT eating lunch like he works at a cell-phone kiosk or something. Dude, respect the fourth wall, y' know? Of course, it's exactly the sort of thing I would have put in Tinsel. I thought about joining him, but guess what -- I don't care anymore.

That's a strange feeling.

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