To Be Blunt, "Although It is Uncommon for People to Deliver Contraband in Coffins, It Certainly is Not Unheard Of."

Lt. Andy Harvey, who handles media relations for the Dallas Police Department, sends along this photo -- which, yup, is a casket full of marijuana. Seems like the perfect adios for the weed and week that was. He also sends along this description for those Friends of Unfair Park still around at this late hour, which appears to be 4:20 if the clock on the wall's correct.

Attached is a picture of the 12 bundles of marijuana found in a coffin on June 24th. The driver, William Crock 7-6-62, was driving a 2000 Chevrolet Van when he committed several traffic violations including not wearing a seat belt, running a red light, and an improper lane change. Further investigation revealed Crock was in possession of marijuana that he was hiding in a coffin. Although it is uncommon for people to deliver contraband in coffins, it certainly is not unheard of.

Rumor is we have pictures of Playboy bunnies and Dallas Cowboys forthcoming over the weekend from Danny Hurley. If he ends up in handcuffs this time 'round, well ... I believe the word is "lucky."

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