T.O. Talks About the Cowboys. Well, Sorta.

I'm sure he'll have more to say when he arrives in town later this month for his annual summer camps down in Duncanville, but former Dallas Cowboys' receiver Terrell Owens talked a little about his former team this week with 105.3 The Fan host Greg Hill.

The raw, unedited audio is here, and it's priceless. Where else can you hear a radio host remind T.O.: "Me and you did an NFL's best body calendar down in Hedonism"?

There's also, of course, Cowboys-related question, like what the heck does "Romo-friendly" mean to T.O.?

"I have no earthly idea," Owens responds. "Maybe if it was more T.O.-friendly I'd still be in Dallas."

The juiciest part of the interview is T.O. analyzing last year's Cowboys' offense, which he still  maintains was too vanilla.

"I think it became very simplistic," Owens says. "There wasn't a lot of deviation from Week 1 to Week 10."

Gee, I really miss that guy. You?

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