To the Defense of Enron

Monday oughta be a helluva lot of fun for Glenn West. Who he? Well, West is the managing partner of the Dallas offices of Weil, Gotshal & Manges, a Crescent Court-based law firm with 1,200 attorneys across the globe serving "the most successful companies in the world in their high-stakes matters and transactions." And who might these successful companies be? Well, once upon a time, one of them was Enron. In 2002, Weil Gotshal was Enron's lead bankruptcy counsel--"a project that is ongoing and lucrative," Texas Lawyer wrote in 2002 with what now rings of amaaaaaaaazing understatement. Anyway, West--whose big claim to fame locally is that he was in charge of securing the financing for the American Airlines Center--is expected to testify as a defense witness in the fraud trial of former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay and former CEO Jeffrey Skilling on Monday, when proceedings resume down in Houston. I never like going to Houston for any reason; imagine that's why you gotta go. Yech. --Robert Wilonsky


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