Today in John Wiley Price

It's land! No, no, it's Kwanzaa Fest! No, silly, it's an art gallery owner at the South Side of Lamar! On the other side, some video and an IRS return we're entering into evidence as we begin Day Three of Hunh, I Wonder Why The Feds Raided the Homes, Offices and Cars of John Wiley Price and Dapheny Fain and Kathy Nealy and a Player to Be Named Later.

Several times over the course of the last two days, Friends of Unfair Park have pointed back to Danny Defenbaugh's report concerning constables coercing their subordinates to provide free security for Price's Kwanzaa Fest. And while you're at it, read the doc below: the latest tax return for event, for which Fain serves as president and Nealy's the director. It's the subject of the Channel 5 story that follows. (Update: As Editor Joe and a Friend of Unfair Park point out, on Page 17 of the tax return you'll notice it says Kwanzaa Fest received $989,000 in drugs and medical supplies -- roughly the same amount of uncategorized expenses -- which appear to have been doled out at HealthFests held in 2008 and '09.) KwanzaaFestTaxReturn

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

The next story proves at least one thing: Brett Shipp and I must have gotten the same tip yesterday, because we too sent a reporter, Leslie, over to the South Side of Lamar lofts looking for another person FBI agents want to talk to -- someone who also shares a tax return with Price and Fain, courtesy an awkwardly named nonprofit foundation not mentioned in Shipp's story but about which we'll have more shortly.

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