Toll Tagged: NTTA Chair Wageman Still Waging War on Opening Up Bidding Process

The North Texas Tollway Authority board of directors is meeting as you read to take yet another whack at its "legacy contractors" problem. Item No. 11 on this morning's agenda, dealing with "future procurements," will provide the sparks:

Discussion and possible direction to staff regarding the Board of Director's role in the implementation in accordance with Resolution No. 10-210 of future procurements for program management services, general consulting engineering services, outside legal services, financial advisory services, traffic and revenue engineering services, bond counsel services, and financial advisory services, including the solicitation of community input, identification of best practices, and other recommended components.

NTTA board chairman Paul Wageman has been leading a campaign, successful so far, to ban open competitive bidding of major contracts at NTTA and keep the toll road agency's big business in the hands of half a dozen contractors, some of whom have been at same trough for decades.

Interesting note on all this: absolute radio silence from Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, who, as you read this, is trying to make a name for himself as Mr. Open Bidding at Dallas City Hall.

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