Tom Landry Would Not Be Amused

A few Dallas Cowboys quick hits, apropos on a morning blanketed with a freezing fog. We begin, where else, with MartyB -- which is to say, tight (not bright) end Martellus Bennett, who follows his now-vanished rap video ("Romo, homo, etc.") with the apology below. is reporting that the Cowboys have fined Bennett more than $22,000 for the original offering, though it's unclear why -- for the language, for sporting the helmet or for being dreadful. If it's the latter, expect more fines. Because this one's even worse. It's the media's fault.

Then there's the curious case of Michael Irvin. Two weeks ago, some seriously doubted his tale of a carjacking thwarted by his would-be assailants' awe and affection for The Playmaker. Today comes word that the Dallas Police Department is suspending its investigation -- because Irvin won't return calls about the investigation. So, apparently, he doesn't believe it either.

The Cowboys are now trying out Arena Football Leaguers, including former Nebraska great Terrance Nunn. I am in no way qualified to make that assessment. But I can recommend a visit to the Top Chef Web site, where last night a Super Bowl challenge found Craft owner Tom Colicchio dogging cheftestant Stefan's Dallas Cowboys-inspired pork dish and referring to our city as "a big, in-your-face kind of state." Tom, you need to visit more often. You too, Padma.
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Robert Wilonsky
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