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Tom Leppert and Dwaine Caraway Try, Try Again to Fill DART Board Seat

Edward Okpa

Mayor Tom Leppert and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway -- whom I have always wanted to describe as the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of Dallas City Hall, but I can’t figure out which one’s Butch -- have nominated Nigerian-born businessman and former mayoral contender Edward Okpa to fill the Dallas Area Rapid Transit board seat of the late Lynn Flint Shaw. Okpa, you may or may not remember, was the favorite long-shot mayoral candidate of the late Matt Pulle. (Matt’s actually alive and well in Nashville. He’s just late.)

This means that Butch and Sundance’s last candidate for the DART board, Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks, apparently has been placed into the political vaporization chamber and caused to disappear without further ado or whimpering. Zap! What Mitchell-Brooks? Who’s that? She’s history.

The game here is to stop former DART board member Joyce Foreman from getting reappointed to the board to fill Shaw's seat. Caraway doesn’t like Foreman and runs the mayor on this issue.

Leppert and Caraway obviously are admitting defeat on their attempts to get Mitchell-Brooks appointed. Pretty interesting. Leppert and Caraway lost on a key appointment to the airport board. Then they lost an earlier round over the DART board. Leppert and Caraway lost on an attempt to jam council member Angela Hunt over a zoning question. They lost a round but not the battle on the convention center hotel.

It’s not enough to make anything huge out of, but it’s interesting. It means Leppert doesn’t always have an eight-vote majority on the council, the way people thought he would. He’s gotta work for it a little now. --Jim Schutze

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