Tomorrow, You Can Run the Trinity River Levee or Run From the Law, Your Choice

After the jump, the City Hall Highlights for the month of March, including news of a Trinity River run tomorrow -- the 6.2-mile Trinity River Levee Run, to be specific, which kicks off from Trammell Crow Park and "for the first time ... will also cross the Continental Avenue Bridge," writes City Manager Mary Suhm in her note-from. Also on Page 5, more photos from a certain ex-president's visit to a certain Maple Avenue hardware store two weeks ago. If nothing else, to George W. Bush's estimable list of nicknames, you may now add another: "Dallas Man."

And to the community bulletin board, we'll post this heads-up as well: If you've got unpaid tickets, well, tomorrow may indeed be your unlucky day, as the Dallas City Marshal's Office saddles up for the 2009 Statewide Warrant Roundup. Notes the reminder from the city, which says the nabbing gets to commencin' at 6 a.m., "Offenders who are delinquent in satisfying their City of Dallas warrants are subject to being arrested and jailed." Ideally, the city would combine the Trinity River Levee Run with the Warrant Roundup. Ideally.

City Hall March 2009 Highlights

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