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Tonight at the Texas Theatre, How a Fight Over NYC Streets Reflects the Brewing Battle Here

Whenever we post an item about the state of bicycling in Dallas, and the need (or not) for separate bike lanes, we wind up with something like the conversation taking place below. So, following yesterday's ride to Dallas City Hall, it's worth directing your attention to tonight's Cyclesomatic event at the Texas Theatre: the screening of the 2007 doc Contested Streets, about the fight over Manhattan's thoroughfares. It'll be hosted by council member Angela Hunt, who, following the ride downtown, wrote on her blog:

I mentioned the city's new bike plan update as well as our complete streets initiative, to create a multi-modal infrastructure that isn't solely focused on moving cars, but is rebalanced to move cyclists, pedestrians, and the disabled in an inviting, safe way.

We also reassured our road warrior friends that separated bike facilities would not force cyclists to ride there: cyclists who feel comfortable in traffic will continue to have that option. We just want to expand options for folks who may have a different tolerance and comfort level in traffic. It's all about options, education, safety, and better infrastructure.
The trailer for the 57-minute-long doc follows.

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