Tony and Jessica: Move Along. Nothing Left to See Here.

The cover of this week's Economist. Oh. Wait.

So, it's ... official? Because, OK, look. For the past few days, stories have circulated that ... um ... Tonessica? ... are kaputs. Been everywhere -- and thanks, New York Daily News, for your morning rumor round-up. Jessica Simpson went on Extra yesterday to deny the stories; her publicist has sent out myriad missives claiming same. Jezebel just figured Simpson cursed herself in that Glamour interview, in which she said of Tony Romo: "This article could come out and Tony and I could be broken up, but he still deserves all the accolades for bringing me back to who I am."

Only now, while the council breaks from its convention center hotel vote, comes the, ah, ultimate confirmation ... or something? "Alan Peppard: Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo break-up confirmed." Courtesy "two people close to Tony and Jess [who] have told me that the the glam couple is over, splitsville, kaput, put a fork in it." Though, really, the fact Dallas' Only Daily kept from using an exclamation point in the headline shows remarkable restraint. So, we're done here? Awesome. Because, no doubt, there's some other song somewhere Tony Romo will slaughter while killing time 'twixt fembot hook-ups. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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