You know what scares Tony Goolsby more than a Democrat? A lot of Democrats.

Tony the Tiger

I spoke this morning at a meeting of the Norwood Republican Women's Club at the Fretz Park Library in North Dallas. I decided not to use my usual canned speech ("All Republican Congressmen are members of the Man-Boy Love Society, and everybody knows it...") and spoke instead about the future of media. Like I know.

But something interesting did happen. State Rep. Tony Goolsby, in his ninth term as the Republican from the 102nd district, bounced in, seized the podium and made what I would have to say was a pretty impassioned speech, at least for a North Dallas Republican. (The thing I said before does not apply to the Legislature. They only stray when they get up there in Washington around all those Democrats.)

Goolsby had been across the parking lot at the Fretz Park Rec Center since 7:30 a.m., working the first day of early voting. He told the Republican ladies that the Republican turnout so far was pathetic, a few dozen, while the place was being mobbed by Democrats! In front of a group like that, he might as well have said the park was being overrun by camel-back Mussulmen. I imagined an inaudible gasp running through the room!

Could it be? Could this be the beginning of the historic rout of ought-six? I've always thought we needed a frank national referendum on man-boy love, and I have no idea how it will come out. Really. If enough Republicans turn out, they could win after all. --Jim Schutze

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