Tourist Trap

Looks like the city's pitch to outta-town travel writers last month has already started to pay off: Pauline Frommer, of the famous Frommer franchise of travel tipsters, has written this little guide to our fair city that includes stops at all the usual suspects: the Mansion on Turtle Creek, the Nasher Sculpture Garden, Fair Park, the Sixth Floor Museum, the Dallas Zoo, Deep Ellum, etc. But the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau has to feel good about Frommer's take on the town: "If you think Dallas has little to offer beyond Big Hair, Barbecue, and Bull Riding, the city will surprise you. Dallas is a genuine cultural oasis, shimmering on the Texas hardpan like a mirage." Dallas also possesses "an endearing swagger," which just means we're happy to see out-of-towners. --Robert Wilonsky


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