Tower Toppling? They Say No.

We fact-check other blogs so they don't have to: Our pals at FrontBurner are reporting that Dean & DeLuca, the upscale New Yawk grocery store, will arrive in Dallas at a Lemmon Avenue location currently occupied by Tower Records. This comes as a surprise to Tower's Sacramento-based senior vice president of marketing, Russ Eisenman, who relays this message through an assistant: "We are not closing the Dallas store." That's the same thing Dan Lightner, the Lemmon Avenue location's operations manager, told Unfair Park: "That is not true." At least, he says, corporate has given him no indication a shut-down is in the immediate future; doesn't mean it ain't happening tomorrow because it's not going down today. But that's their story, and they're sticking to it.

Then again, Tower is allegedly for sale, just two years after pulling itself out of bankruptcy--during which it tried without success to find a buyer. It's getting hammered by everything from Best Buy and Wal-Mart to Internet downloading--same thing that's killing the Virgin Megastore chain, which is pulling out of Mockingbird Station in the next few weeks. So maybe Tower's days are numbered. Of course, they have been for years.

Anyway, Dean & DeLuca's spokesperson, Deb Stockman, has been in meetings all day with the D&D bossman, so she could not be reached for comment. When she calls back--from her offices in Wichita, Kansas, which is not where we expected to find an upscale New York grocery store's corporate offices--we will let you know what she says. Till then, take a deeeeeeep breath and hold tight. --Robert Wilonsky

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