Tracy Feith Was "Now" Long Before Dressing Michelle Obama and Target Shoppers

Jeff Liles, whose can't-miss trip down Amnesia Lane this week features a visit with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Theatre Gallery in 1985, has had another flashback, this time concerning a former Decadent Dub Team-mate. And it's quite the fashionable flashback, as Jeff sends word this evening that the "oriental-print scoop-neck dress" First Lady Michelle Obama wore to Wednesday morning's prayer service was designed by Tracy Feith, who left Dallas for New York some 15 years ago -- after first learning the shmata biz in Stemmons Freeway garment factories, running his own design shop in Oak Cliff and sharing the stage with DDT, as evidenced by the photo above.

Speaking of having some Feith, it's worth mentioning that come May, the University of North Texas dropout, skater and surfer will have his own line of affordable togs in, of all places, Target. Says New York magazine, "Expect about 60 sun- and surf-inspired styles and fifteen original prints." It was nine long years ago that we ran a cover story about Feith in the paper version of Unfair Park, where even his biggest fans and buyers had questions about his longevity, as in, "He's now, but now moves, and you have to move with it." And so he has, right into the White House closets.

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