Travel-Time Study Says Dallas Has a Lot of People, a Lot of Cars, a Lot of Traffic. K, Then.

Interesting-ish note from the latest U.S. traffic travel-time study, this one released this morning by something called INRIX: Dallas-Fort Worth, the fourth-most populous metro area in the country, ranks as the fifth-most congested -- and despite the slight uptick in travel time, the DFW still dropped one slot from last year's scorecard. In other words, it's still easier to travel by car in Dallas than it is in, oh, Los Angeles, New York City or Washington, D.C. -- yet another morning-news shocker.

And there is this side note: No DFW intersections rank among the Top 25 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks. In fact, the worst in the area -- westbound I-820 approaching Rufe Snow Drive, which, I believe, is in North Richland Hills -- ranks No. 154 on the nationally worst list.


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