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All he and the 2012 Committee want, Luce insisted, is a way to comply with the requirements of the International Olympics Committee that there be a back-up guarantee by local or regional government of the Olympic budget, in case the private money from television rights and other sources falls short. Since he believes that won't happen, he thinks the public will wind up financially whole.

"There is no risk to the public," Luce said. Luce was incensed that Miller had accused him not merely of political duplicity but of personal dishonesty in seeking reimbursement for his own contribution of $250,000 to the Olympic cause--a charge he called "outrageous." And his keen eye for public theater had not missed the moment, just before Miller made her accusation, when she walked over to the bank of waiting television cameras and alerted them.

"She went over to Channel 8, and it was like she was saying, 'OK, get ready. Here it comes,'" he said afterward.

Miller, a former reporter and columnist for the Dallas Observer, maintains a degree of collegiality with the press that even many of her colleagues on the council view as fundamentally disloyal, as if she were a Visigoth who had somehow gotten herself elected to the Roman Senate.

Miller thinks the Olympic supporters are engaged in doublespeak. Tying up tax money and public energy for a period of years in order to bring the Olympics here will divert the city from the unglamorous but fundamentally important task of repairing its own house. She sees the arguments in defense of Luce by Hicks, Duncan, the mayor, and others as a deception.

"Remember, guys?" she said over the weekend. "Remember just a few months ago when they said they weren't going to use any public money

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