Turn a Parking Lot Into "A Beacon of Sustainability in Dallas," Win $25,000

There are still plenty of folks a little puzzled by RE:Vision Dallas, which, as we've mentioned before, is an effort to turn a couple of parking lots behind Dallas City Hall into a self-sustaining mixed-income "community." Though some city officials have done some cheerleading for the effort, it's really the baby of Brent Brown, founder of bcWORKSHOP, and John Greenan of Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, who'd like to see affordable housing, retail and commercial spaces, an "educational component that serves all the residents" and a "multi-purpose care area and provider" sit on what's now otherwise barren land. for starters. So, see? "A beacon of sustainability in Dallas." Not so confusing. Not unless you look at this picture, which haunts my dreams.

Simple as that. Well ... OK, not that simple. Which is why Urban Revision's offering $25,000 to each of the three finalists who can "help lay the foundation for sustainable urban design" in downtown Dallas. Yup, it's a contest now, with registration ending April 15 and entries due by April 30. So submit away -- even the three folks who receive honorable mentions will get a thou each. I've already submitted mine. I also like the new logo.

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