TV That's Enviromentally Friendly and Kosher for Passover

In case you were looking for him -- and we weren't, maybe that was BeloWatch -- Burl Osborne has resurfaced. You 'member him -- former publisher and editor of The Dallas Morning News? Turns out, he's now chairing the "editorial oversight board" of something called, which right now appears to be broadcasting a global warming roundtable from a big closet aboard the Starship Enterprise. There's former CNN and CBS peeps behind the online net concerned with "energy and the environment," but it has several local connections as well -- such as, " Upcoming news programs include contributions from energy guru T. Boone Pickens."

And in other "TV" news, Sam just sent me a media release announcing that something called Shalom TV's finally found a Dallas home on Time Warner -- l'chaim! Says the media release, "It is an exciting development in the history of American television and the first time major cable companies are including a Jewish network in its national lineup of offerings." (It's better if you read it like my grandfather, who sounded a little like this.) Since I have DirecTV, I guess this means I am still stuck with Seinfeld reruns. Mazel tov! --Robert Wilonsky


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