Joe Bieger, who suffers from global amnesia and disappeared October 6, has been found.

Twenty-Four Days Later, A Missing Man's Found

Last week, Jesse Hyde posted a piece here about Joe Bieger, the 59-year-old assistant athletic director at The Highlands School in Irving who went missing on October 6. As Jesse wrote, on September 21, Bieger had a seizure that was followed by memory loss; he was eventually diagnosed with global amnesia, a condition that essentially wipes the brain clean of all memories.

Well, The Dallas Morning News has just reported that Bieger's been found: He was discovered around noon today at a construction site in Carrollton; he was unshaven, light a few pounds and disoriented. Apparently, he was found at a house his family is having built; he recognized the house, but wasn't sure why. He has been reunited with his family. --Robert Wilonsky


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