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Twinkies Have Officially Been Saved

In a move that will protect our children from a future of grocery store snack aisles packed with nothing but kale chips and similar creme-free items, private equity firm Apollo Global Management has teamed up with food mogul Dean Metropoulos to purchase Hostess' snack business out of bankruptcy.

The New York Post reports (h/t Frontburner) that the $410 million deal included not only the Twinkie brand but also Ho-Hos, Donettes, and the rest of Hostess' snack cake lineup. They'll be back on the shelves come summer.

Not that there was ever any question that the Twinkie, indestructible object that it is, would ever just disappear. But it puts one's mind at ease to know for certain what the future holds.

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Eric Nicholson
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