Two Local Kids Make the Cartoon Network By Actually Getting Off the Couch

When Tiger Woods was 4 years old, so the story goes, his dad would drop him off at a golf course at 9 a.m. on a Saturday and pick him up at 5 p.m., “pockets bulging with money he had won from disbelievers 10 and 20 years older.” I would have a hard time believing that story if it didn’t concern the messianic Tiger Woods and come from the pen of America’s best magazine writer, Gary Smith.

Point is, kids do amazing things, which is the subject of a new Cartoon Network series called Props, which profiles 16 kids from around the country, who “demonstrate an exceptional talent, commitment and accomplishment in a single area of expertise.” The metroplex being what it is, two local kids made the cut: 11-year-old hockey player Jake Martinez of Frisco and 6-year-old golfer Kyle Cox of Carrollton. To see clips of both kids in action, just go here.

The point of the series, Cartoon Network says, is to encourage kids to “get active, get healthy and get involved.” Viewers can vote for their favorite nominee; six finalists will be featured in a one-hour prime-time special that will air in early September. Me? I’m pulling for Cox. If the kid sticks with it, who knows? Maybe one day he’ll be able to pull off something like this --Jesse Hyde

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