Like we're not always being monitored by government satellites anyway, please.

Two Things That Come with G.P.S. Units: Rental Cars and Bryan Adams Students

Unfair Park contributor Brian Harkin this a.m. contributes to The New York Times a photo of 15-year-old Bryan Adams High School freshman Jaime Pacheco, who gets up every morning and straps on a Global Positioning System monitor. Turns out, nine Bryan Adams students who'd been sent to truancy court are participating in a six-week pilot program aimed at keeping kids in school -- and it's working thus far for Pacheco, who's been in class on time every day since April 1. As opposed to what he used to do: sleep till 2 p.m. before showing up to school, maybe. Pacheco, however, was just preparing for a career in drive-time radio-show producing. --Robert Wilonsky


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