Two Years After Almost Going Bust, Evolution Fuels Insists It's Gassing Up

Been meaning to get to this since Monday, when Patrick grabbed this photo on the way into the office, because that's when Evolution Fuels announced it had secured the lease agreement for its first renewable-fuel station and "specialty" food mart "in the heart of the Dallas metropolis, immediately adjacent to the upscale Park Cities neighborhood."

I've been trying to find out which location they're talking about: the one at the intersection of Lemmon and Oak Lawn Avenues they've been advertising for a long while, or the Travis and Knox Street location Evolution Fuels exec veep Kit Chambers promised in November. Sounds more like latter, but Patrick and I did see workers and some trucks at the Lemmon location Tuesday. And, yes, this is the same company formerly known as Earth Biofuels, which I used to write about all the time, when its demise appeared imminent.

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