Unsatisfied? Not For Long You're Not.

Pardon, for a moment, as we take a pause for something musical and decidedly non-local -- though Tommy Stinson did used to have a Dallas girlfriend, so there is that, and the 32nd-best best 'Mats show I ever saw was at an old roller-skating rink off Northwest Highway and Abrams Road back in, like, '91. (And, yes, this old did get DC9's permission to post -- though only with the caveat that I direct your attention to our musically inclined sibling post-haste.) But, as we were reminded earlier in the afternoon, today's the day Rhino Records is re-releasing the first four Replacements albums as bonus-laden Deluxe Editions. Which'll make this the third time I had to buy Let it Be, fine by me. So, then, before it's back to bidness as usual, a stunning live video from 1981. Follow? Because, ya know, kids don't. --Robert Wilonsky


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