Up on the Fair Park Line

Speaking of Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Fair Park ...

I was looking for something entirely unrelated on YouTube when I came across this vintage footage posted by DART a couple of weeks ago. Says the description of the footage that was kindly provided by one Johnnie J. Myers:

Fair Park saw its last rail service on January 15, 1956, when the 12-Second line was converted to bus operation. This route ran from downtown Dallas through Deep Ellum on Main to Exposition, then past Fair Park in the same path the Green Line will travel. It then turned south on old Second Avenue to Hatcher Street, roughly parallel to the Green Line right of way.

At one time, there were four sets of tracks in front of the Fairgrounds where the DART Fair Park Station is located, and they were all utilized during the State Fair and for the Cotton Bowl.

For my dad, who grew up on Park Row and whose father's auto parts store moved from Deep Ellum to Second Avenue in 1955, this'll be like watching old home movies. And, as the video's sans sound, I'd recommend clicking here as the film unspools. Because, as always, Tom Waits for no man.

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