Dr. Kern Wildenthal, which is the third-most amazing name of all time

UT Southwestern's "Profound Regret"

'Twas but a week ago folks all around town were poring over The List to see if they were among UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas' 6,400 VIPs. The hospital hustled to contain the story, and on Saturday, outgoing UT Southwestern president Kern Wildenthal sent an whoopsie daisy chain letter to the folks who woke up last Friday morning to discover they had a good parking spot in case of an emergency. And, course, it's full of "profound regret and apologies." We got a copy -- see for yourself.

In the three-page letter, which answers this question, UT Southwestern says the list was likely leaked to The Dallas Morning News and KTVT-Channel 11 by a "disgruntled former employee who was not authorized to have the list," and that it's working "with police to investigate the removal of this confidential information from our campus." Also: UT Southwestern's "consulting with the District Attorney." And: Wildenthal suggests folks "further protect" themselves from having their "personal identifying information" swiped -- because, folks, it's never too late close that barn door. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: A Friend of Unfair Park points us to KTVT-Channel 11's story last night concerning Ken Wildenthal's taste for the wine -- to the tune of more than $125,000 spent on "luxury wine." And it was purchased, says Robert Riggs, using "tens of thousands of dollars in donations." Says UT Southwestern's spokesman John Walls, the wine was used for "individual commemorative gifts and special recognition events."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.