Valley View's Owners: No Plans to Share

Christine Romero, spokesperson for Valley View Center owner Macerich, called back to say, well, she doesn't have much to say about the state or fate of the beleaguered mall at present: "We don't have any final plans to share," she tells Unfair Park. "We plan to take our time to meet market demand."

Which means ...?

"We tend to meet the demands of the market," Romero says. "It's our approach to take the best approach to the market." She says she'll try to get us someone to speak with after the New Year, but don't count on it being a Macerich higher-up. Probably someone local.

So, that out of the way, one thing I forgot to mention yesterday: You may want to stop by Waldenbooks, which should be shuttered by mid-January as Borders looks to save money on rent. I stopped by yesterday expecting to find barren shelves and bargain-basement leftovers, but discovered instead aisles and aisles filled with just-shipped releases, best-sellers, Moleskin notebooks, 2010 calendars and you-name-its discounted 40 to 60 percent. After the jump, a suggestion for the local-history buff you may have left off your Christmas list.

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