Van Halen, Dead or Alive Tonight at AAC? Dead, Dead, Dead.

A week ago today over on DC9, music editor Pete Freedman noted that, despite the Internet buzz to the contrary, Van Halen's show at the American Airlines Center would indeed take place as scheduled tonight. Eddie Van Halen's galpal and VH publicist Janie Liszewski said as much to Pete: "Dallas is scheduled to still happen." Only, not so much: Early this morning, word started spreading that the show was being postponed -- which the AAC initially denied. Our attempts to reach Liszewski all morning, via e-mail and phone, were also unsuccessful.

Now, there's this: The AAC's Web site says the show's been postponed. As in: "The Van Halen concert scheduled for tonight has been postponed. An official press release announcing the rescheduled date will be forthcoming as soon as possible." Holding breath starting ... now. Maybe Pete's early suspicions were right after all, because this is where you'll find us 'round 5 this evening. Maybe. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Moments ago, Billboard reported that the show "tonight's (March 3) scheduled show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas has been postponed and rescheduled for April 24."

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Medical update: Over on DC9, there's word that Eddie's "undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests." Whatever that means.

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